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Back Exercises and Best Tips For A Strong Lean Back

Doing Back Exercises To Eliminate Your Back Problems

In this article, we are going to discuss back exercises that has to do with back pain, posture, etc. Other back exercises for strength, fat loss, toning etc. will be reviewed later on.

Regardless of what you do, you use your back every day when you’re sitting, standing, lifting, and even lying down. Even a very minor type of back injury can result in pain, disability, and even loss of your job.

This information will help you to eliminate back pain, improve your posture and your general back health.

Facts You Need To Know About Back Exercises

You need to add back exercises in your fitness program and general lifestyle, because your back is an important part of your body.

People need to be re-educated and learn how to correct back pain and poor posture, eliminate or minimize back stress. You need a well designed back program with effective back exercises suitable for your unique needs.

There is a unique fitness system with little known but beneficial back exercises designed specifically for posture and eliminating back problems. The program also includes a conditioning program.

With this program and specific back exercises, you can not only eliminate your back pain and discomfort, but also be protected against future back problems.

Back exercises will eliminate your back pain and other back problems, help you lose fat, tone and strengthen your back.

If you want to learn the best back exercises for back pain or improve your back muscles and complete health, you should take a few minutes to read over this important information.

Or you can read more about back exercises for both back pain and physical health.

Before discussing the actual exercises for your back pain, you first should learn what a proper posture is. Improper posture is the main cause of back pain and leads to back injuries.

There are some symptoms that indicate poor posture: loss of range of motion, loss of strength, numbness, a tingling sensation in the limbs. Poor posture often affects sucg body areas as the lower back, wrist, the upper back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees.

In short, people feel pain that prohibits proper walking gait, interferes with comfortable sleeping, participation in activities and recreational sports. Proper back exercises can eliminate all these problems.

Common Underlying Causes Of Back Pain:

  • No exercises for your back, needed in your situation;
  • The lack of exercises or wrong technique;
  • Incorrect body mechanics;
  • Dangerous programs for back exercises;
  • Lack of information on back exercises;
  • Prolonged sitting or standing;
  • Muscle imbalances caused;
  • Muscle inflexibility;
  • Stress;
  • Poor habits.

Common Benefits Of Good Posture:

  • Improved breathing;
  • Improved efficiency of movement;
  • Decreased likelihood of injury;
  • Improved muscular recruitment;
  • Improved efficacy in sports.

Learning proper back exercises should be the first step taken to eliminate back problems. This would allow a person to work and participate in recreational activities.

Back Exercises For Back Pain And Other Back Problems

Back Pain Exercises – Arm & Neck Rotations:
Such back exercises will help to increase motion of our neck and shoulders, promote a balanced head position, reduce neck pain incidence and injuries.

For this back exercise you will need a Swiss ball (also known as an exercise ball).Sitt on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat.

Place your right hand on the Swiss ball. Keep your left hand on the floor. Keep your back straight. Slowly rotate your right arm backward and downward while looking over your left shoulder. Keep your hand on the ball at all times.

When you get your hand as back as possible, rotate forward to the starting position. Once you’ve completed repetitions for your right arm, switch to the left one and repeat the exercise.

Back Pain Exercises – Back Arch:
If you have rounded or forward shoulders, these back exercises will be the best option for you. They will also help to increase the range of motion in your shoulders and reduce the risk of injuries to your lower back.

You’ll need an exercise ball for this exercise as well.

Sit on the ball. Slowly march your feet forward and lower your buttocks to the ground. Place your hands behind your head. Slowly push with your feet rolling backwards over the ball.

When you feel balanced, stretch your arms over your head and roll back. Perform the required number of repetitions.

Back Pain Exercises – Arm Lifts:
With these back exercises, you’ll improve your shoulder stability, strengthen the back muscles, improve your posture, head and neck stability, and eliminate or reduce the incidence of upper back and neck injury. You will need an exercise ball for this exercise.

Kneel over the exercise ball and rest your abdominal muscles against it. Tuck your hips tight into the ball. Let your arms hang down to the sides. Lift one arm forward parallel the floor.

Slowly lower your hand to the initial position and repeat the required number of repetitions. Then switch into the other side. If you need additional resistance, you can use a small dumbbell.

Back Pain Exercises – Swiss Ball Posterior / Anterior Rolls:
These back exercises will increase your flexibility, strengthen muscles in your back and hips. They will also help eliminate or reduce lower back pain and injuries.

Sit on the exercise ball. Slowly roll your hips forward by rotating your pelvis into a flat-back position. Return your body back to the starting posture. Slowly roll your hips backwards by rotating your pelvis into a low-back arching position.

Then repeat, roll your body forward and back into the starting posture. This equals one repetition. Repeat the exercise as many times are required.

Back Pain Exercises – Swiss Ball Relaxation:
This back exercise also uses the exercise ball and helps to increase the range of motion of your back, promoting state of relaxation for the spine.

Lie over the exercise ball keeping your toes on the ground. Slowly roll yourself onto your hands. Hold in this position for some seconds. Slowly roll back on your toes and hold.

Back Pain Exercises – Swiss Ball Leg Rolls:
Such back exercises lengthen and increase the range of motion of the hips, promote postural symmetry, help to eliminate back pain, reduce the incidence of back injury.

Lie on the ground with the exercise ball under your heels. Keep your legs straight. Slowly roll the ball with your heels to the right turning your head to look left.

Slowly roll your legs back to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side. Do the required number of repetitios.

Back Pain Exercises – Swiss Ball Leg Lifts:
Such back exercises will help to strengthen your hamstrings, promote spinal stability, develop the gluteal muscles, improve your posture.

Lie over the top of the ball at the same time keeping your forearms on the floor. The palms of your hands should face one another. Your legs should be extended out towards the floor.

Squeeze your buttock muscles and lift your legs up parallel to the floor. Lower to the neutral position and repeat.

Back Pain Exercises – Back Floor Press:
This back exercise strengthens the rectus abdominis, provides an excellent core stability, discourages hip rotation, develops torso strength and improves posture.

Lie with your back flat on the floor. Keep your legs on top of the ball under your knees. Pull your abdominal muscles inward and towards the floor. Hold this position for 3 – 5 seconds. Not arch your lower back.

When you first start doing this exercise, place your hands at the sides of your body. As you begin to feel more comfortable, you can perform the back exercise with your arms outstretched to the sides of your body with your palms up. You can also bend your arms so they form right angles to the body with your palms up.

Fat Loss Back Exercises, Toning Back Exercises & Strength Back Exercises

If you want to have a beuauful figure, you need to do proper back exercises. Your back is the largest muscle group in your upper body. You should use a variety of specific back exercises to properly develop your back .

Back Development Exercises – Wide Grip Lat Pull-down:
These back exercises will change the width and position of your grip, which allows to target different muscles in your back.

Place your legs snugly under the kneepads of the lat-pulldown machine. Keep feet flat on the floor. Grip the wide bar with an over-hand grip.

Your hand position should almost be twice your shoulder width apart. Pull the bar until it touches the top of your chest. Keep your elbows directly below the bar. Pause with the bar in position at the top of your chest, and slowly let the bar raise to the initial position.

Not lean back too far.

Back Development Exercises – One-Arm Dumbbell Rows:
For this exercise, you’ll need a flat bench. Keep your right foot flat on the floor and your left knee on the bench. Lean forward and supporting the weight of your upper body with your left arm on the bench.

Keep your back flat and parallel with the floor. Pick up a dumbbell with your right hand. Your left arm should be locked at the elbow – this helps to support the full weight of your upper body.

When performing this back exercise, you should look straight ahead in order to keep your back straight. Tighten your abs – this helps to keep your body from turning to the side as you lift the dumbbell. Try to pull your elbow back as far as it can go. The dumbbell should end up parallel with your torso.

Slowly lower to the initial position and repeat. Do the planned number of repetitions, then switch arms and repeat.

Back Development Exercises – Barbell Back Rows:
This back exercise has applies the general information for one-arm dumbbell rows. Bend knees slightly and bend over bar. Keep your back straight. Grasp bar with a wide grip.

Pull bar to upper waist. Return until arms are extended and shoulders are stretched forward. Then repeat.

Back Development Exercises – Neck Rows:
You’ll need a seated row machine and a rope attachment for this exercise. Sit down on the machine and grasp the ends of the rope. Slightly bend your legs to minimize the stress on your back. Arch your back slightly.

Lean forward slightly from the hips until you feel a stretch on your lat muscles, then pull your shoulders back.

During this exercise you need to keep your elbows up so that your arms flare out to the sides. YOu should feel the maximum stretch, squeezing your shoulder blades together at the end. Reverse this technique to return to the initial position.

As you complete this movement, keep your head in line with your torso. Do not poke your head forward.

Back Development Exercises – Back Extensions:
This is a perfect exercise for your lower back. Lie face down on a back extension bench and lock your ankles in place, or you may hook them under the roller pad.

Adjust your hips on the pads. When you bend forward your back should be perpendicular to the floor, not rounded. Your hips should extend over the edge of the pad.

Fold your hands across your chest. Keepyour head in alignment with your spine and lift your torso until your back is perpendicular to the floor. Do not lifting your torso higher than parallel – this may place stress on your back.

Reverse the technique to return to the initial position. After a few workouts, the exercise will becomes easier, ans you can hold a weight plate across your chest to increase resistance. Do not place any weight on your head or neck – this can result in injury.

Back Development Exercises – Upright Barbell Rows:
Stand up-right, grab a barbell with your hands shoulder width apart. Let the bar hang straight down in front of you. Keep your body and your wrists straight.

Raise the bar straight up towards your chin, keeping it close to your body. Isolate the muscles in the front of your shoulders and in your upper back. Lower the weight slowly to the initial position and repeat.

Back Development Exercises – Seated Back Rows:
You need the V-handle grips for this exercise. Sit down on the machine and grasp the cable V-handles with both hands. Your legs should be slightly bent – this will allows to minimize the stress on your lower back. Keep your back straight and your head up throughout the entire motion.

Do not lean forward or backwards. Keep your body still. Your arms should be the only part of your body that will be moving. Let your arms extend forward until you feel a stretch on your back muscles, then pull the handle toward your abdomen.

Your arms should be traveling a few inches away from your sides. Let your handles touch the lower portion of your ribs and your abdominal muscles. At this point finish the movement by squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Reverse this technique to return to the initial position.  During this exercise keep your head in-line with your upper body. Do not poke your head forward. You should exhale as you pull the weight towards your chest and inhale as you extend your arms.

In addition to these back exercises, you need to use a smart and comprehensive fitness and nutrition program in order to see the desired results.

The unique and effective back exercises mentioned above, combined with the smart fitness and exercise system will help you develop the back you’ve always wanted.

These particular exercises will help you build the best back you could ever dream of having.

This is a unique and effective exercise system that you can’t be without.

This exercise system will also help you lose fat, build muscle definition. You should use only those back exercises that can guarantee your success.

We’ve have a complete faith in this unique fitness and guarantee it will be your best choice. We have only positive feedback from women who have already used this fitness and exercise system.

Use the back exercises listed above and you will create a “new you”.

If you need any help with exercises to eliminate back pain or exercises to strengthen your back or have any other questions, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page to contact our professionals.