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Good Alternatives To The Extremely High Breast Implant Prices

Breast implant prices are continually growing up each year.  You are probably interested in breast implant prices because you are insecure with your breasts’ size or you are having a lot of sagging.

Millions of women suffer from breast problems such as small, under-developed, or sagging breasts. Until recently, the only way out has been the very expensive prices of breast implants.

Regretfully, high prices of breast implants health risks have made this a last resort for many women.

Breast implant prices usually range between $5,000 – $7,000. But the actual breast implant prices can be higher depending on where you live and how many breast implant surgeons there are in your area.

There have been a lot of birth control online researching, but due to the very high breast implant prices, we have spent a lot of time searching for a cheaper and more natural alternative to expensive breast implants.

There is one method that we have tried to have sexy and firm breast, and it actually works. So if you want to improve the look of your breasts, then you should check out our favorite alternative to breast implants.

You can also continue reading about prices for breast implants and health risks that you may encounter.

To determine the actual breast implant prices, you should take all these costs into account:

  • The breast implant themselves can cast between $2000-$2200 per implant;
  • Surgery can cost about $3000;
  • Anesthesiologist can cost about $700;
  • Facility fee is about $950

In addition to the high breast implant prices, you will discover that you run the risk of many complications.

tThe most dangerous and expensive complication of breast implant prices is capsular contracture. It is a very common complication associated with breast implants. This happens when the scar tissue hardens around the actual breast implant.

We list some of the results of this complication:

  • If you’re lucky you will have soft and naturally looking breasts;
  • Your breasts are a bit harder than they are supposed to be but there are no visible defects;
  • Your breasts are harder than they are supposed to be and there are numerous visible defects;
  • Your breasts are hard, painful, and looks abnormal.

Another dangerous and expensive complication is nematoma / seroma. Hematoma a solid swelling of clotted blood within the tissues.

The procedure which allows to get rid of hmatoma can leave extensive scarring.

Another expensive complication is implant displacement. It’s when your breast implants move out of their original position after the surgery.

As a result, you may need additional surgery to put them back in the necessary place.

The next expensive complication of breast implants is infection. Infections are rare but when they occur, you will need additional surgery to remove the implants.

One more expensive complication of breast implants is necrosis. Necrosis is dead tissue around the breast implant. Necrosis may prevent wound healing and require an additional surgery for implant removal.

You also may suffer from permanent scars and abnormalities in your breasts.

Another expensive complication in addition to breast implants high prices is mammography. The thing is that breast implants can affect a mammogram reading. Implants placed below the muscle have a better chance for a more accurate reading.

When breast implants are below the muscle, 85% of breast tissue is visible. When breast implants are above the muscle only 70% of breast tissue is visible.

If you have any history of breast cancer in your family, it’s definitely not worth undergoing breast surgery.

The next dangerous complication of breast implants is rippling which produces waves on the surface of your breasts.

It occurs when the saline inside your breast implants moves and you have to undergo an additional surgery.

The next dangerous and expensive complication is sagging. Sagging is the less likely complication but if it occurs, you will have to pay for additional breast lifting surgery.

The next dangerous and expensive complication in addition to breast implants high is densation Loss / Change. You may permanently have numb nipples. Or you can lose all the sensation in your nipples after the surgery.

The last expensive complication of breast implants is rupture or leak. If your implant breaks, contact your doctor immediately because your breast implants will have to be replaced. Some implants rupture in the first months after the surgery and some deflate after many years. Bear in mind that the implant may wear out over years and deflate.

If you have breast implant complications after the surgery you have to pay a lot to have them removed. This can cost you about $2000 in addition to the original prices of the breast implants you have paid for!

The Bottom Line On Breast Implant Prices

The high breast implant prices in conjunction with the many possible complications make breast implants an undesirable option for many women.

The good news is that there is at least one natural and less cheap alternative to breast implants and it’s completely safe when you use it as recommended.

Women can notice an improvement usually within a few weeks already.

Of course, it’s for you to decide whether you want to pay high breast implant prices and hope to have no complications or you can try a different and more health-friendly method.

We hope this information on breast implant will help you make a more informed decision.

If you have any questions related to breast implant prices, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to contact our specialists.