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How To Slow Down the Aging Process?

Older women must seriously think about doing proper exercise and having positive dietary habits. Many older women have doubts about benefits of strength training but numerous researches has proven great physiological and psychological profits of such exercises when included in general healthy fit lifestyle. It’s a pity, but many women over thirty years of age don’t seriously think about influence of getting older until they get closer to the age of fifty. But research has shown that the earlier you start taking measures against influence of aging the better. So this information proves that weight training combined with healthy nutrition, when you turn thirty, is essential. Don’t you believe that it would be awesome if you were capable of doing many activities you want regardless of age?

Strength Training may be the Missing Ingredient For Older Women!

For all women of older age older, and it means any woman older than 30, besides regular cardiovascular exercise, many healthcare professionals recommend  doing regular strength training.

Here’s a short summary of some Birth Control Online research on strength training for older women:

    1. Resistance-training program can significantly increase muscular strength and endurance in older women through.
    2. Increasing muscular strength and size can help lean muscle in older women to adapt better to heavy resistance training (weight lifting).
      Some changes occur similar to those in women in their late teens and early twenties. Wouldn’t we all want to have slim attractive body like at that age?
    3. Some older women who have ti use walkers when walking can increase lean muscle mass and strength necessary to walk without walker or cane by means of regular strength training.
    4. When comparing groups with and without strength training, the group that had strength training increased strength and lean muscle mass and simultaneously lost body fat. The other group did not achieve the same targets.
    5. Birth Control Online reports suggest that older women starting regular strength training can more than double their legs and hip muscles strength in just a few weeks.
    6. Reports also suggest that older women who add strength training to moderate cardiovascular exercise can increase their walking ability by more than 10% and stair climbing ability by almost 30%.
    7. Lean muscle size in older women who do strength training has increased by 13.9% (biceps muscles) and 22.6% (forearm muscles) in only 12 weeks.
    8. Factors that cause aging in all people include: absence of weight training and poor nutrition. It is considered that regular strength training can improve some of our short-comings in these spheres.
    9. Birth Control Online reports suggest that strength exercise described here has been proved to be more effective in weight-control and reducing body fat in older women than just cardio exercise alone.

Exercise & Proper Nutrition may Stop Lean Muscle from Wasting Away in Older Women

It doesn’t matter how old you are – 30 years or 75. If you don’t train your muscles, you’ll lose them. For a long time, fitness was a term applied only to aerobic and flexibility exercises for women under 30 years of age. Exercise, fitness and nutrition programs often ignored significance and usefulness of fitness for all women, regardless of age.

You must know that in order to improve women’s health and fitness, you have to keep proper nutrition. It’s recommended to you take very good total balance supplement every day. Contrary to popular myth, you cannot get all necessary for your body nutrients from food you consume each day. And even more important, if you care about your future health and want to have an active life when you get older, you will need nutrients that can only be found in total balance supplement designed for older women.

Why is additional muscular strength essential and why would you engage in strength training? Strength training helps women of older age to increase movement activity, lean muscle, strengthen bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, improves ability to do everyday activities, improves state of health, helps to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses and speeds up rehabilitation process. Strength training helps women to tone, shape and strengthen muscle fibers, eliminate «fatty marbling» within muscle which causes flabby, weak muscle.

Equally important is the fact that increased strength and endurance makes daily activities easier and less tiring, that is your stamina is increased or maintained. Besides, older women will not only improve lean muscle mass and general body strength, but exercise also increase metabolic rate and bone density. Women of older age can then do more work without getting tired and are less likely to suffer from fractures caused by osteoporosis.

Fitness and Slowing the Aging Process

So, what happens when your body begins to change its shape and doesn’t react on activities and physical exertion as it used to do when you were 20? Unfortunately, you cannot change the fact that you will get older, but older women can also control, to some extent, rate at which aging appear. Some women simply decrease their activity as they grow old, assuming its proper to grow old gracefully, which is a great mistake.

Sadly, these women grow old ungracefully, setting themselves great limits on their mobility, self-reliance and quality of life. In the end we get suffering from discomfort of growing older women. Starting from the age of 30 you will lose about 6.6 pounds of lean muscle mass with each decade of your life. Numerous studies by Birth Control Online show that muscle mass may decrease by up to 40% in people who do not get proper nutrients. If you are planning to effectively slow down aging process, then you need to perform proper resistance exercise on a regular basis while giving your body all the nutrients it needs at the same time.

Those several minutes you spend on improving your health and fitness a few days a week in the form of strength training, sticking to proper nutrition plan and taking supplement to fulfill any nutrient deficiencies will bring benefits to you every hour during your day and night, awake and asleep in years to come. This is really a win-win deal for you! It’s never too late for you to take actions for slowing down aging process. Just start doing it right now, before it’s too late.