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Stomach Exercises Resulting In Perfect Abs…

But Stomach Exercises Alone Will Not Improve The Appearance Of Your Stomach!

Exercises for your stomach muscles, also called as your abdominals or abs, are many but few stomach exercises that most people offer you to do actually to order your stomach. These exercises vary from basic floor crunches, leg raises, sit-ups, lying hip thrusts, side bends, weighted sit-ups, hanging leg raises etc. Then there are the hundreds of different ab machines, on infomercials in magazines etc.

Some, but not all, of the accessible stomach exercises will assist you to order perfect sexy abs.

But absolutely none of even the best stomach exercises will burn any fat off. The best stomach exercises will drastically strengthen and sculpt your stomach but you’ll never see your actual ab muscles unless you burn off the layer of fat covering them.

This way you’ll not just flatten your abs but define and separate your stomach muscles, creating that sexy six-pack look that everyone desires.

“What You Should Be Aware Of With Stomach Exercises”

The stomach exercises are guaranteed to assist you sculpt perfect sexy abs, but if your diet and over-all exercise program are not helpful to get rid of fat you’ll never look at your abs!

Ab Exercises – Floor Crunch:

Lying on the floor, flat on your back with your knees bent, place your feet on a chair or resting on a bench. Your neck and head should be relaxed with your hands at the sides of your head.

Become more concentrated on tensing and contracting the ab muscles getting the contraction throughout the movement. At the top attempt to contract your abdominals sturdily.

Again, attempt to support tension in your abs and focus on slowly controlled movements. As with all ab exercises of this type keep your lower back flat on the ground. Do not lift your lower back off the ground and actually sit up at any time. This uses more hip flexors than abdominals.

Ab Exercises – Oblique Floor Crunches:

Abdominal exercises to assist you to determine the muscles on the side of your abdomen, are called obliques.

Again, with all abdominal exercises you need to make sure that your neck and head are relaxed.

As with all ab exercises, concentrate on tensing your abdominal muscles and holding the contraction throughout the movement.

After completing a full set of reps on the left side, switch to your right and follow the same instructions. Try to maintain tension in your abs and focus on slow controlled movements.

This is a great variation on abdominal exercises. Abdominal exercises of this type can increase the contraction of the oblique.

Ab Exercises – Lying Thrusts:

For this exercise you will lie on your back with your feet together, knees in a locked position and your arms tucked under your buttocks.

Put your hands, palms down, under your butt, and keep your head on the floor as you look up at the ceiling. This, as with the other ab exercises, look simple but is very challenging. But the best thing is that it’s a great exercise if done properly.

Ab Exercises – Knee-ups:

Lie on your back with your arms out on the ground at 90 degrees to the trunk. Prior to starting each rep, “set” the pelvis.

Ab Exercises – Vacuum Contraction:

This exercise is very genuine among exercises for your stomach and is one of the stomach exercises that most people have never performed.

Because the inner unit muscles attach from the pelvic floor to the lower spine, you’ll feel a burn from front to back.

Again this, as with the other stomach exercises, looks simple but its very challenging. It may take you a few weeks to be able to hold your abdominals for 90 seconds but it’s worth it.