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Vitamin Benefits

Vitamin benefits are numerous but not all brands and types of vitamins are useful. The main cause why vitamin benefits are so essential is because during the past fifty years there has appeared an epidemic of vitamin deficiency. Today’s food doesn’t contain vitamins and other nutrients that are necessary for good long-term health any more.

Many years ago vitamins and other nutrients were put into soil and transferred into plants, but since farming techniques have completely changed, so has presence of vitamins and nutrients of crops. The problem of vitamin deficiency in food because of modern-day farming techniques is complicated by the fact that vitamins and other nutrients are lost during storing, drying, freezing and processing the food.

Only in the past few years and with a lot of straggling conservative medical community has finally accepted the fact that vitamin benefits via vitamin supplementation of food is necessary for long-term health maintenance. It was only in 1992 when the journal of American Medical Association finally released recommendations on vitamin supplementation as a way to prevent cardiac disease because vitamin benefits were so very strong.

What are Vitamin Benefits?

There are millions of vitamins and minerals and their benefits are numerous. Here is the list of just some of vitamins you need along with vitamin benefits:

  • beta-carotene has many benefits among which is the property to protect against cancer and cardiac diseases. Benefits of this vitamin are explained by the fact that it can greatly enhance your immune system and act as potent antioxidant. Other benefits of beta-carotene include its ability to improve vision and fight skin disorders, protect your throat, mouth, and lungs from cancer cells;
  • biotin is involved in metabolism of protein, fats and carbohydrates. It also contributes to better energy production and it was proved that it can help in treating diabetes by reducing glucose level. Other benefits are healthy hair, skin and nails, reduced fatigue, heartburn and eliminating some allergies;
  • folic acid is well-known for its certain benefits, most noticeable is being an important vitamin for women who prepare to get pregnant and already pregnant women. Its other benefits include improving heart health, increasing energy production and fighting Alzheimer’s disease;
  • vitamin A possesses a lot of unique benefits but mainly it is a very useful antioxidant. It is also plays essential role in improving vision, keeping skin cells healthy, eliminating skin disorders, enhancing immune system and helping to heal wounds. Birth Control Online studies have also proved that vitamin A may be used to help insulin regulate blood sugar level;
  • vitamin B12 is very important because its deficiency can cause serious health disorders such as damage of nerves, weak muscles, depression, memory problems, fatigue, anemia, and growth retardation in children. Other benefits are formation and regeneration of red blood cells, manufacturer of DNA and RNA and proper functioning of nerves;
  • vitamin C has lots of benefits you already heard about including crucial role in collagen production, healing of wounds, boosting immune system, protecting artery linings and it may contribute to prevention of cataracts;
  • vitamin E is proved to have many benefits, it is a powerful antioxidant, contributes to protection against cardiac diseases, some types of cancer, boosts immune system and serves as an aid in healing of injuries. Besides, Birth Control Online studies have shown it can improve immune system in elderly people.
  • vitamin K possesses great benefits like improving blood clotting and strengthening bones and fighting osteoporosis.

And this list of vitamins and their benefits can be continued endlessly.

Synergy is Vital to Receive all Vitamin Benefits

Taking only single vitamins will not bring true vitamin benefits because most vitamins and minerals can only work together with others, and their performance is interdependent. Comprehensive supplementation with vitamins and minerals is the only effective way to get full vitamin benefits and make sure that all essential interactions are activated, and this is why high-quality multi vitamin / mineral supplement is extremely necessary.

Bioavailability shows how much of particular substance your body can absorb. Not all vitamins and minerals are similar – some are more quickly and easily absorbed than others. There is a small amount of vitamin supplements available today on the market that contain ingredients more than minimally bioavailable, which reduces vitamin benefits you get. Manufacturers of most vitamin mineral supplements believe that most consumers will be attracted by the biggest number and assume that they will not notice any difference. Most quality highly-bioavailable ingredients take more physical space in a pill. This means that supplements of higher quality will actually look much bigger and will require to take more than one pill a day in order to receive adequate amount of nutrients and complete vitamin benefits.

The Bottom Line

There are lots of vitamin benefits, they are so many in fact that you must keep track that you and everyone in your family takes high-quality vitamins every day to remain healthy. It’s a smart idea to take powerful foundational total balance nutritional supplement to fill all inevitable lapses in your daily diet and the fact that you cannot get enough vitamin benefits from food you eat.

These are well-known sources and statistics that you may even be familiar with. But be careful when choosing manufacturer of vitamins and minerals. The reasons for this are numerous, including but not limited to:

  • there is a big difference in vitamin benefits between cheap synthetic vitamins, most vitamin manufacturers use, and expensive natural vitamins. But even among some natural ingredients there is a big difference in vitamin benefits due to various potency;
  • synergy is vital to vitamin benefits that’s why it’s extremely important that your vitamins are manufactured by scientists with best vitamin supplement credentials. Sadly, a lot of vitamin products presented on the market are just put together quickly, causing many ingredients to simply cancel each other action out;
  • because vitamin industry in North America is not regulated, consumer only have about 1 in 5 chance of buying vitamin product in which ingredients stated on the label are actually contained and bring all vitamin benefits.